Make The Case For Fungicides In 2014

CropLife | By Lisa Heacox | February 3, 2014 Coming off 2012 and the worst drought many in the Corn Belt had ever witnessed, growers and dealers wondered what 2013 might hold for disease pressure. “Midwest geographies started out very wet, but by July the rain had shut off, leaving growers really debating whether to… [ Read More ]

Anthem Herbicide Now Available For Soybeans

CropLife  |  December 20, 2013 FMC Agricultural Solutions has announced a new EPA crop registration of its Anthem SE herbicide now for use on soybeans. Anthem herbicide offers both corn and soybean growers control of broadleaf weeds and grasses with flexible application timing up to 45 days preplant, preemergence and early postemergence. “Anthem has proven… [ Read More ]